Liver Donation: Everything You Need to Know About the Human Liver

One of the organs that can be donated is the liver. This is an important organ in the body for a number of reasons, but not everybody understands its function, or how donation works. Breathe for Charles wants you to understand more about liver donation and the functions you should know about making the liver important.

Why is the Liver Important?

The liver is a small organ weighing a little over 1 kilogram, but it plays a huge role in the healthy functioning of the body. In fact, a health liver is crucial for the body to function. The liver provides over 500 different functions necessary to live. The liver cleanses the body, regulates the supply of body fuel, manufactures essential body proteins, balances hormones, regulates body cholesterol, regulates supply of essential vitamins and minerals, produces bile to cleanse the body of toxins, and completes many other functions. Having a health liver can mean the difference between life and death.

Donating a Liver Can Save a Life

Choosing to become a liver donor can be one of the most rewarding decisions in the life of an individual. Not only are donors potentially saving the life of an individual in need of an organ, they are also making a positive difference in the lives of family and friends. Each day, there are 22 people who die while waiting for a transplant, while over 10,000 potential donors die annually. Roughly 95% of U.S. adults support being donor. However, only 48% have signed up to become a donor. Signing up to become a donor can make such a difference to individuals on a waiting list.

How to Become a Donor

There are options for individuals interested in becoming a liver donor. is one option that will allow an individual the opportunity to become a liver donor; it is categorized by state. On our site, you can also sign the pledge to become an organ donor. We share the story of Charles Espinoza, a father to an adorable three year old, who was given another chance at life when he was donated a lung.

At Breathe for Charles, it is our goal to bring awareness regarding organ donation and why it is such an important thing to consider. We believe it is a crucial need in this world and many individuals out there can make a difference and save a life. If you need help determining whether you are right for organ donation, we’re here to help you make the important decision.

Sign the pledge. Become an organ donor today.