How to Become a Donor

Becoming an Organ Donor

The Charles Espinoza Story

Earlier this year, Charles Espinoza—a Texas refinery worker—was caught in a near deadly fire at work. The smoke irreparably damaged his lungs to the point that he needed a transplant—and quickly. Unlike most others who are injured and desperately need a transplant, Charles’s life was saved thanks to a lung donor who registered to donate before they passed away.

On average, 22 individuals in America die each day waiting for an organ transplant. Though Charles’s life was spared that day, 22 others suffered a more tragic fate because viable organs were not available. This problem has a simple solution, and we believe it starts with pledging to register as an organ donor.

Fill out a simple form to register as an organ donor here, or keep reading to learn more about one of the most serious and solvable problems in American healthcare.

Saving Lives with a Simple Pledge

In our country alone, nearly 120,000 men, women, and children are currently sitting on the transplant list, waiting for the organ they need in order to be saved. Every 10 minutes, another individual joins that list. The Breathe for Charles Pledge is our chance to help those thousands of Americans wondering if today is going to be their last.

What You Can Do to Help

Looking at these numbers, it seems like a tragic cause that is impossible to help, but this is not true. Less than half of American adults are registered as organ donors, meaning that we have the potential to save at least twice as many lives by making our Breathe for Charles Pledge today.

Each one of us could possibly donate up to 8 organs upon our death, each organ with the potential to save one life, and all it takes is a quick and painless form filled out online or at your local DMV office.

Taking Your Next Step

Organ donor registration is the simplest and easiest way to potentially save lives. provides individuals across all 50 states the opportunity to register as organ donors. Another option includes visiting the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles. While policies may vary from state to state, filling out a quick form here means getting an official organ donor badge on your state ID card or on your driver’s license.

If you are between 13 and 17 years old, you can still register as an organ donor in most states, though your parents or legal guardians will still have to give their permission. Consider talking with them about how you can help.

Whether you register online or in-person, you are joining a growing group of heroes dedicated to helping the thousands of strangers obtain the one thing they need to survive. Remember Charles’s story. Take the Breathe for Charles Pledge today.

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