Organ Donation Survival Stats

The need for organ donors is often no more than a casual thought of no immediate importance. However, if you or a loved one are in desperate need and waiting on the transplant list, it's an entirely different matter. It becomes a race against time. Every day, 22 people die while they are waiting for a transplant.

Each Organ Donor Could Save Multiple Lives

Organ donation is not a one-for-one procedure. The gift of one donor can change the lives of many others.

  • As many as eight lives can be saved by one organ donor.
  • Another person could have their vision restored with a corneal transplant.
  • Tissue transplants from one donor could restore health to up to 75 people.

The Organ Donation Survival Statistics

A very detailed report from the UK's NHS Blood and Transplant organization highlighted the surprising success of organ transplants. The success rate diminishes somewhat over 5 and 10 year periods, but is still surprisingly high. Some people will require more than one transplant.

One year patient survival rates:

  • Kidneys: 89%
  • Pancreas: 90%
  • Simultaneous kidney / pancreas transplants: 98%
  • First adult heart transplant: 82%
  • Pediatric heart transplant: 92%
  • Heart/lung transplants: 88%
  • Lung transplant: 82%
  • Liver transplant: 93%
  • Pediatric liver transplant: 96%
  • Intestinal transplant: 92%
  • Cornea graft: 91%

Almost all (95%) adults believe that it's a good thing to sign up as a potential organ donor. Unfortunately, less than half (48%) have actually taken the time to do so. It doesn't take very long to sign up as an organ donor. No other gift could ever be so meaningful and treasured.

Breathe for Charles is dedicated to helping individuals understand the benefits of organ donation, and how it can help. Signing up is a simple process and you can help numerous other people live long and prosperous lives.

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